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Brand: Co-Approvel | World Brand | Mfg: Sanofi Aventis

Co-Approvel 84 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$140.00
Co-Approvel 168 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$271.60
Co-Approvel 252 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$399.00
Co-Approvel 336 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$520.80
Co-Approvel 420 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$637.00
Co-Approvel 504 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$764.40
Co-Approvel 588 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$891.80
Co-Approvel 672 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$1,019.20

Brand: Co-Approvel | South Africa | Mfg: Sanofi Aventis

Co-Approvel 84 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$199.42
Co-Approvel 168 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$398.84
Co-Approvel 252 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$598.26
Co-Approvel 336 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$797.68
Co-Approvel 420 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$997.10
Co-Approvel 504 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$1,196.52
Co-Approvel 588 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$1,395.94
Co-Approvel 672 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$1,595.36
Co-Approvel 756 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$1,794.78
Co-Approvel 840 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$1,994.20

Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 90 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$90.00
Generic 180 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$162.00
Generic 270 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$229.50
Generic 360 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$288.00
Generic 450 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$337.50
Generic 540 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$405.00
Generic 630 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$472.50
Generic 720 x 150mg/12.5mg tablet$540.00


Brand: Co-Approvel | World Brand | Mfg: Sanofi Aventis

Co-Approvel 84 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$145.00
Co-Approvel 168 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$269.70
Co-Approvel 252 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$395.85
Co-Approvel 336 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$504.60
Co-Approvel 420 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$616.25
Co-Approvel 504 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$739.50
Co-Approvel 588 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$862.75
Co-Approvel 672 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$986.00

Brand: Co-Approvel | South Africa | Mfg: Sanofi Aventis

Co-Approvel 84 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$209.44
Co-Approvel 168 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$418.88
Co-Approvel 252 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$628.32
Co-Approvel 336 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$837.76
Co-Approvel 420 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$1,047.20
Co-Approvel 504 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$1,256.64
Co-Approvel 588 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$1,466.08
Co-Approvel 672 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$1,675.52

Brand: [generic] | International Generic Program | Mfg: [generic]

Generic 90 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$95.00
Generic 180 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$171.00
Generic 270 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$242.25
Generic 360 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$304.00
Generic 450 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$356.25
Generic 540 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$427.50
Generic 630 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$498.75
Generic 720 x 300mg/12.5mg tablet$570.00


Generic 90 x 300mg/25mg tablet$95.00
Generic 180 x 300mg/25mg tablet$171.00
Generic 270 x 300mg/25mg tablet$242.25
Generic 360 x 300mg/25mg tablet$304.00
Generic 450 x 300mg/25mg tablet$356.25
Generic 540 x 300mg/25mg tablet$427.50
Generic 630 x 300mg/25mg tablet$498.75
Generic 720 x 300mg/25mg tablet$570.00

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